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In the All-Ireland hurling final Kilkenny beat Cork to and watches were on offer to all. And on the penultimate Sunday of September, as the final whistle blew, I was waiting outside Croke Park. Kerry V Offaly had ended in a draw. Both sets of supporters were jubilant in anticipation of a win next time out. Fob-watches were purchased for wives and girlfriends… and sometimes both.

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I was, once again, ready for the replay on 15th October. Offaly beat Kerry to Watches would adorn muscular wrists in Banager and Blennerville.

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I found that the only section of the Irish community completely out of the watch market was the Greyhound fraternity. Perhaps they were only interested in stopwatches. The lapel of his fashionable, fingertip-to-hip-length, fawn coat failed to conceal the tell tale strap of a Walkie-talkie stretched diagonally across his chest. In the preceding months I had met literally hundreds of Guards in the course of my selling. Some had bought watches and with many others I had exchanged good-natured banter. But, seemingly, this was different.

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Instead he called for a patrol car and I was conveyed to Store Street station. I shared the back seat with a twenty-stone Inspector.

He went a long way towards proving the theory that fat people are jolly. He found the fact that forty watches for which I had paid hard-earned cash, were being confiscated, hilarious. Eventually I was asked where I got the watches and I gave the name and address of my supplier who was based a ten-minute drive from the station.

Was my alibi checked out? My first cell-mate was an intelligent individual. The sort you could talk to. He was removed and replaced by a well-dressed teenager who was probably a hard man out on the street but allowed his vulnerability to show once locked up. When my term of incarceration came to an end the only night of my life spent in a cell and the crisp November air of Northside Dublin assailed my face, I was in a position to review the words of George A.

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If Mr. I answered in the negative without elaboration. I was taken to the Courts area kept in a holding-cell with a number of others.

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Perhaps he feared my having a lump-hammer or an anvil concealed in my shirt pocket. When the Judge addressed me, not being au feit with Courtroom protocol, I stepped forward to deliver the monologue, which I had rehearsed through the night. When Steve Williams' kidneys quit working in September , he and his wife Dr. Linda Gromko were presented with two choices: a kidney transplant or kidney dialysis the kidney machine. There was, of course, the option of no treatment - but that would mean certain death for this husband and father of a teenaged daughter. Steve and Linda eagerly embraced the technology of Home Dialysis - treatments that could be done on their own time and on their own terms.

But nothing could have prepared them for the onslaught of medical supplies that descended upon their home, making it seem more like a medical clinic or an ICU! Home Dialysis - while life saving - was taking over, consuming their lives and redefining their family as one tethered to illness.


Note: this book applies to both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Read more Read less. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. October 31, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Although we already knew a lot of what is in this book, there were tidbits that seemed useful. Due to poor quality instruction, we stepped back from home hemo and are just now revisiting the idea with a new team, so we will also be revisiting this book.

I also appreciated that the individual on dialysis I don't like the term "patient.

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Although as an MD, the author has an advantage over us in this respect, It still made me personally feel so much less alone. June 17, - Published on Amazon. I was looking for techniques for storing stuff. Making the process easy. What I got was a book with yet another book on HD then we got tons of DIY and designer stuff, then we dot a tiny chapter on storage ideas.