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The FT reaction is widely used in industrial plants worldwide in regions of rich natural gas resources to produce liquid fuel products. Cobalt catalysts, like other oxide-based catalysts, undergo a reduction or activation treatment before FT can occur. Cobalt is not used as pure solid, but often supported, i. A fundamental understanding of the exact reduction pathway of supported cobalt oxides and the intermediates can assist in developing improved industrial supported cobalt catalysts. However in situ investigations of the activation process are challenging given the temperature and pressure requirements, and of course the ability to penetrate metallic substances.

Thus, the penetration capability and brilliance of hard X-rays from a synchrotron source provide a unique tool for the investigation of chemical processes under in situ conditions and in a time-resolved manner. The experiment used a wavelength of 0. Longer counting times were used at higher q -space values the range of q-space probed was thus 1. An inert reference standard, Si, was added to the sample as internal reference to determine the amorphous content in the catalyst during reduction.

The reduction was done at ambient pressure in hydrogen with a flow rate of 16 L.

A review of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis on the cobalt based catalysts

The Si reference peaks are clearly visible, as is the reduction of the cobalt oxide, Co 3 O 4. The gradual decrease of CoO phase abundance coincided with an increase in amorphous content as well as cobalt metal abundance. Today 84 Sun, K. Fujimoto, Y.

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Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over iron catalysts

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Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, Catalysts and Catalysis, Volume 163

Burtron H. He is responsible for catalysis, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, and direct coal liquefaction research at the Center for Applied Energy Research, University of Kentucky, Lexington. He developed a program that involved both academic research and cooperative research with industry.

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He has developed a laboratory with extensive capability in the use of radioactive and stable isotopes in reaction mechanism studies and materials characterization. He has held various offices and memberships in several professional societies, including the American Chemical Society, The Catalysis Society, and the Materials Research Society.

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