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Everything from the size of atoms to the structure of the universe.

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Just a few years earlier he had graduated from college where he had studied physics, but nobody would hire him. Einstein had worked as a substitute teacher and a tutor, but those jobs barely paid his bills. So Einstein scribbled away when nobody was looking, and when he got home he wrote even more. A loner. But this one-horse cart, with little more than the force of his gifted mind, would pull physics into the modern era and beyond.

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Albert Einstein front row, third from right and his elementary school classmates. He is one of only two children smiling.

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Much too fat! She did, however, think his head looked odd.

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It was too large, and had a funny shape—it stuck out at the back. Was that normal? This was her first child, and it was natural that she would feel concerned. But her doctor told her Albert was perfectly fine.

Like most children at the time, Albert was born at home. The Einsteins had been married for two and a half years before Albert arrived. Pauline Koch was the daughter of a wealthy grain merchant and was the youngest of four children. She was just 18 years old when she wed Hermann Einstein, who was 11 years older.

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They were married on August 8, , in the town of Cannstatt, where Pauline had grown up. After the wedding they made their first home in the village of Buchau. Before then, Jews could not hold certain jobs or own property in Germany. Many lived in rural villages as the Einsteins did. But as Germany changed, Jews migrated to the cities for new opportunities. A year after they were married, Hermann and Pauline moved to Ulm, an old medieval city with winding streets on the banks of the Danube River.

Here Hermann sold featherbeds for a company he owned with his cousins. The Einsteins were considered nonobservant Jews. This entertaining guide directs travelers to the off-the-wall and offbeat destinations in Florida, home of gator wrestlers, school bus demolition derbies, Hemingway wannabes, the Fountain of Youth, the Nudist Hall of Fame, and a utopian Updated and even weirder, this new edition boasts more than unique destinations for tourists looking for attractions off the beaten path.

This amusing travel guide to the Lone Star State doesn't waste travelers' time telling them where to find antiques in the Hill Country, take breathtaking hikes through Big Bend, or gaze upon the Alamo. An offbeat travel guide provides an entertaining overview of some of the most bizarre sites, landmarks, and locales throughout the Buckeye State, covering such not-to-be-missed attractions as the home of the world's largest cockroach, Egg This zany travel guide presents a more peculiar state than the Iowa Tourism Office might like out-of-towners to imagine.

Discusses the details and possible explanations of mysterious events throughout human history, including strange things falling out of the sky, the teleportation of objects, and unexplained appearances and disappearances.

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Gary L. Blackwood, Recipes for homemade tonics, salves, and poultices that can prevent, heal, and cure common health ailments are featured in this reference to folk medicines.

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Jean Karen Thomas, Jerry Baker, Asteroid UW is irregularly shaped and has an unusually fast spin. The asteroid is X feet across X meters and History shows anything and everything can happen in Argentinian rugby and after some thoroughly oddball scenes last year, nobody in Camp Running from to , the show was the first oddball series created by oddball genius Bryan Fuller, and introduced Mandy Patinkin to the At the famously oddball Brooklyn ice-cream shop, OddFellows, chef and owner Sam Mason has concocted a recipe for a strawberry-daiquiri ice The oddball out this week is Young Ahamkara's Spine.

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This piece of Hunter gear lets the user place their trip mine grenades for a longer period Facepaint, champagne and antelope skin — writers' oddball quirks …. TS Eliot daubed his face green; Hemingway stood on the worn skin of a lesser kudu, while F Scott Fitzgerald insisted that a skinful made his Kristaps Porzingis' oddball text intro from Carmelo: 'Who's this? Carmelo Anthony's not-kidding alpha-numeric signature is among the many amusing anecdotes shared by Knicks draft pick Kristaps Porzingis The Gap's new flirtation with the high-margin beauty and hotel businesses coincides with a tepid apparel market, just as its namesake stores Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about oddball.

I found that it wasn't so oddball to like music and poetry and visual arts, they're kindred spirits. I've been such an oddball my whole life, but I've always been cool and I've always dressed fairly smartly. The choice of roles as I grow older gets more and more limited, so if I pin myself to one kind of part I would get in trouble. So, these oddball ladies came along for me to do - I guess Terry Gilliam helped in this respect. I have found them more interesting, flashier and I get more mileage out of them. I was bullied and regarded as little bit of an oddball myself.

I have tried to create main characters who are drastically different from the types who generally appear in crime novels. Mikael Blomkvist, for instance, doesn't have ulcers or booze problems or an anxiety complex. He doesn't listen to operas, nor does he have an oddball hobby such as making model airplanes. If you think about it, I was at college, and then three months later, I was a massive pop star.

It's stress-making, especially when you're a bit of an oddball as I was, the black sheep left to your own devices, and then suddenly everyone's interested in you. I think there's something in the fact that it's hard to be good looking and funny. You have to have an oddball quality; people have to sympathise with you to find you funny. I'm not an oddball. I was definitely the oddball freak show in school.

In this updated edition, itOCOs plain to see that the state of Illinois has only gotten weirder.

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Jerome Pohlen, Step right up. Step inside to see live acts of the slightly weird and the nearly harmless.

Feast your eyes on the miracle of the mildly freakish. Step inside and experience Oddball for yourself.