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In my heart I found a new love for my friend and teacher Imam Suhaib Webb whose islamic literacy class Monday nights gave me the tools necessary to better grasp the meaning of the commentary by Dr. Imad-ad-Deen Ahmed. Born in , Rose Wilder Lane is regarded as one of the founding mothers of the libertarian movement. Now that chapter is available with commentary provided by Dr.

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They bear accountability for their righteous or evil actions. The pagan gods do no exist, and do not control the affairs of mankind. I found her description of the prophet as a practical, humorous, friendly business executive to be utterly refreshing.

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It was therefor incumbent upon mankind to establish a direct relationship to God without priests. All Truth is from God. Lane describes the earliest islamic universities as marketplaces of knowledge like the bazaars. Men of knowledge came to sell their instruction in open forum and students were free to wander about listening.

When they decided upon a teacher they met privately to establish a curriculum and agree upon fees.

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These universities were privately funded and virtually without state regulation. They were regulated by reputation. Beyond schools, hospitals, libraries, paved roads and whole water irrigation networks were built and maintained by similar private foundations.

All institutions and infrastructure which might characterize an advanced civilization was produced without state intervention. Even law was developed by scholars independent of the government. Law was not legislated but discovered the same way that natural scientists discover the laws of physical, chemical and biological systems.

A judge, or qadi, was independent of the state. No single organization, religious, social or political extended over the whole civilization. No monopoly means no state by modern definitions.

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Lane makes the argument, quite effectively in fact, that through Italy the muslims gave Europe the enlightenment, and through Spain the muslims gave Europe the maps, the navigational tools and the love for freedom that drove them to the New World. In muslim Spain generations of European Christians and Jews experienced freedom of thought and conscience unprecedented anywhere else in Europe.

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  4. In the century after Granada fell and Spain returned to Catholic rule the Spaniards were less submissive to government than any other Europeans, and it was during that century that Spaniards explored and conquered the New World. Lane suggests it was the love of freedom learned from the muslims that drove free thinking Europeans away from tyranny and across the Atlantic Ocean. That effect was later again stifled when bureaucratic state-religion forms of Christianity and Islam took hold. Although resolutely anti-state, her book espouses minarchism rather than anarchism.

    Although resolutely anti-militarist, she does make a statement at the end of the book seeming to support U. The continuing interest in Lane's then out of print book prompted Weaver to write his book. Weaver's book has remained in print and became one of FEE's best selling books, bringing Lane's ideas to a wide audience during the time her book was out of print and hard to find. Islam and the Discovery of Freedom is a book containing an excerpt of the section in Lane's original book on early Islamic society with an introduction and running commentary by Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, who is the president of the Minaret of Freedom Institute , a Muslim free-market think tank.

    Ahmad documents Lane's assertions while pointing out a few historical errors. The book is commonly found in Islamic bookstores and has introduced Lane's work to a whole new audience.

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