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If you require the player to reside on your own server you can host the player yourself. Notice however that you will have to update the player regularly to benefit from improved functionality and bug fixes. The man pitches an idea about a studio executive who kills a writer and gets away with murder. Impressed, Mill gives the writer a deal, if he can guarantee a happy ending in which the executive lives happily with the writer's widow. The writer's title for the film is The Player. Miller , The Long Goodbye lost money or had trouble finding audiences despite the critical praise and cult adulation they received.

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Altman continued to work outside the studios in the late s and throughout the s, often doing small budget projects or filmed plays to keep his career alive. The opening sequence shot lasts 7 minutes and 47 seconds without an edit. Fifteen takes were required to shoot this scene, [5] but, according to the slate at the beginning of the shot, the tenth take was used in the final edit.

Altman was praised for the sex scene in which Robbins and Scacchi were filmed from the neck up. Scacchi later claimed that Altman had wanted a nude scene , but that it was her refusal which led to the final form. In , Tony Sloman wrote an appreciation of the film's editing: [7]. The Player is a marvellous example of collaborative editing, Peroni matching Altman's tone with exactitude.

Early on, a cut from a zoom-in to the gun in Humphrey Bogart's hand on a postcard sent to Tim Robbins is perfectly successively matched with what appears to be a black frame, in which a reveal shows that it's an open drawer in which the postcard has been placed.

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Another felicitous sequence is the one in the Pasadena police station, where the Robbins character is arraigned as Lyle Lovett swats a fly and Whoopi Goldberg and her associates ridicule Robbins with laughter. This is beautifully edited; well-shot, too, but the rhythm is built in the cutting.

The site's critical consensus reads, "Bitingly cynical without succumbing to bitterness, The Player is one of the all-time great Hollywood satires — and an ensemble-driven highlight of the Altman oeuvre. Roger Ebert gave the film a full four stars out of four and called it "a smart movie, and a funny one.

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  • It is also absolutely of its time. After the savings and loan scandals, after Michael Milken , after junk bonds and stolen pension funds, here is a movie that uses Hollywood as a metaphor for the avarice of the s. It is the movie ' The Bonfire of the Vanities ' wanted to be. Yet his new Hollywood satire titled 'The Player' is so entertaining, so flip and so genially irreverent that it seems to announce the return of the great gregarious film maker whose ' Nashville ' remains one of the classics of the 's.

    The Player of Games Quotes by Iain M. Banks

    But when his idiosyncratic style of anthropological realism is applied to the tight community of Hollywood 'players' it has an almost hallucinatory effect. As if to taunt his detractors, he even 'tells a story' this time, and he does a better job of it than the hacks who have been getting work when he couldn't. In , Entertainment Weekly ' s 25th anniversary year, it named The Player in its list of the 25 best movies since the magazine's beginnings.

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