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A happy tree like peepal can give out soothing sounds while a drought-stressed tree could cry for help. When this idea that trees do make sounds took root, Tree doctor of Bengaluru Vijay Nishanth, founder of Project Vruksha Foundation first tree census app , decided to explore it.

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Nishanth, who has been closely working on trees for many years, felt that trees can have a voice too. It was last year when he started to research on this topic that he discovered that trees do make sounds. And he learnt that the devices used to record subtle sounds were available only in a few countries. On Sunday, the recording of the plant sound was demonstrated at Bangalore Palace.

This can also be connected to the bark of a tree. Within a few seconds, one gets to hear music of varying frequencies generated through mobile phones or laptops.

The project called Vrukshadhwani will record sounds of trees in Bengaluru. The sounds of the trees were recorded in manipal plant, peepal tree and Orchid - Anthurium. It also acts like a stress-buster. He believes strong character is created by a mosaic masterpiece of integrity, honesty, loyalty, commitment and hard work. A solid business relationship is a requirement which Ben holds himself to. His relationships are created on trust and accountability. He holds himself to the highest standards time and time again--this is evidenced by his loyal consumers.

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Ben continues to educate himself so he can provide top-notch services to his customers and better the intervention of infestations and general health of trees. He prides himself in the interpersonal relationships he creates with his consumers. He believes this allows him to provide the highest quality of care.

The Tree Doctors is based out of Watertown, Wisconsin--where Ben was born and raised--sticking close to his roots he continues bury himself in his endeavors.

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  • The Tree Doctor: A Guide to Tree Care and Maintenance.
  • Never settling on mediocrity Ben is always working to hurdle the next obstacle and constantly working for excellence in customer service and the outcome of his services. Now, in , he estimates that there are incidences of Oak Wilt throughout the county. We can put out small little fires, but we're still getting flanked," he says. That may be good for business, but it's not necessarily something that Long is happy about.

    As he notes in the show, at the end of the day, it's really all about "saving the trees.

    How this ‘doctor’ brings in over $10,000 a day healing trees

    Now, he's in the process of training one of his employees, Dylan Redding, to take over the company. In February , after the episode of " Blue Collar Millionaires " aired, Long was diagnosed with colon cancer.

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    Today, however, after a long battle, he's cancer free. He and his family just bought a ranch down in Costa Rica, and plan on spending a lot more time there. He says he has decided it's time for a change of scenery.

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